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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

December 2019

Vol 34  No. 4


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President's Page
Chapter's Second Annual Leadership Award Presentation
Military Health Care Update
Southern Maine Chapter ROTC Program 
Employer Support of the  Guard and Reserve Committee

Induction of New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors
Membership Update
Martin's Point Seminar
2020 Chapter Quarterly Meeting Dates

In Memoriam

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President’s Page

Ladies and gentlemen,

Is it just me that thinks time is flying by?  I cannot believe that on Saturday, December 7, 2019 we will hold our third annual Pearl Harbor recognition day and our second awarding of the Ann Lepage Service Award for Exceptional Support for Maine Veterans.  This year it will be held again at the Maine Military Museum located just off Broadway in South Portland, Maine at 50 Peary Terrace.  The doors will be open at 11 AM.  There are many new displays and a whole new section has been opened since our meeting a year ago. 

As in the past, we face challenges with new member recruitment and the aging of current members.  However, we have a dedicated group of individuals on the Board of Directors who have literally willingly dedicated many hours over many years to keep the important programs of support and education to our veterans and families, scholarships to junior and senior ROTC programs, and the Sea Cadet Program going. 

A good way to measure our progress is to see the cash flow.  For the first three quarters in each budget area I will give the actual debits and credits and the budgeted amounts:

Income   Actual as of 9/31/19     Budget 2019    
  Dues $1,700.00 $2,400.00
  Contributions $2,875.00 $2,952.00
  Fund Raising $130.00 $2,560.00
  Lunches/Brunches 3,118.00 $4,550.00
  Administration $1,203.35 $2,645.00
  Scholarship/ROTC $2,058.89 $2,700.00
  Fund Raising $0.00 $500.00
  Donations $1,950.00 $3,600.00
  Other $2,100.14 $3,100.00
Balance Summary
  Savings $1,328.52
  Checking $5,557.16
  Scholarship Savings $2,851.98
  3-Month CD $5,137.12
Total on Deposit $14,874.55

Fortunately, we have the fiscal resources to move forward and it is my goal by the end of 2020, when I am no longer President, I will turn over a strong flourishing organization that will continue to serve the military community in our corner of America.  

I hope that we will have a record turnout here in December.  Bring a friend, for that matter bring all your friends.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Remember: “Never Stop Serving.”    

Kind Regards,   Rick Tetrev President

Southern Maine Chapter ROTC Program

Another school year is just beginning for ROTC programs throughout Maine.  Below you will find a listing of the Junior and Senior ROTC programs that our Chapter supports throughout the state.  In total, there are 8 Junior Programs and 3 Senior Programs currently active.  The programs listed below are broken down by Military Branch with a school phone number for contact purposes and projected graduation and awards dates:

Junior ROTC


Bangor High School   207-992-5570 

Hermon High School   207-848-5436 

Nokomis Regional High School   207-368-5239 

Old Town High School   207-827-3910, ext 309

Sacopee Valley High School   207-625-2303 


Brewer High School   207-989-4140 

Lewiston High School   207-795-4190 ext 5246 


Massabesic High School 207-247-5011 

Senior ROTC


University of Maine, Orono   207-581-1121


University of Maine, Orono   207-581-1551 

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine   207-326-2356     

(COL Frank Toderico, ROTC Chair)

Membership Update

Our annual dues drive has ended and the Board of Directors has made an effort to connect with anyone who has not yet sent in their payment.  For all of you that did send in a payment, thank you for your continuing support.  The Board of Directors has voted to keep dues at the current rate ($20.00 per year) for 2020.  Auxiliary members (Surviving Spouse) and Emeritus members (90+ years experience) are not required to pay dues, but any donations will be gladly accepted.   Also, because we offer one year of free membership to new members, any member who joined the Chapter after October 1, 2019, is considered to be paid in full for 2020.  Please follow this link to print out the form and return it with your check to the address provided:  http://www.moaasouthernmaine.org/dues.html

Please complete this action by January 1, 2020, and thank you. 

(Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair)

Maine State Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Committee

Our Maine ESGR Committee is looking for more volunteers to assist promoting and enhancing employer support for military service Mainers in the Guard and Reserve.  The ESGR has 3,750 volunteers throughout the country and we work with the Defense Department to develop and promote support for Service members in the Reserve Components through outreach, recognition and educational opportunities.  It is a very rewarding and not too intrusive way to assist and stay connected with today’s military in our State.  Details are at www.esgr.mil.  For more information, please contact Lt.Col. Chris Hoppin, USAFR Ret. at (207) 232-2908 or choppin@aol.com.  (Lt.Col. Chris Hoppin, 196 Seashore Ave., Peaks Island, ME 04108, Chapter member) 

Chapter’s Second Annual Leadership Award Presentation

Our next Quarterly  Meeting will again be held on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, at the Maine Military Museum, located at 50 Peary Terrace, South Portland.  We will be presenting the second Annual Leadership Award to an incredibly special Maine person who has made truly exceptionally contributions to improve the lives of veterans living here in our state, as well as veterans across the country.  We can’t reveal the name yet…it’s a surprise…but trust us, you will know this person and we’re sure you will be pleased!

Our guest speaker will be LTC Brenda M. Pennels, currently the Strategic Relations Manager, Martin’s Point Healthcare, Portland, ME, and a member of our Chapter. She has over 30 year’s experience in the Army Reserve, having served with the Army Military Police as a commander and staff member in various assignments across the country.  In her civilian career, she has been involved with pharmaceutical sales and management for over 20 years in both NY and ME.  Please join us to induct our new officers and members of the Board of Directors before our informal lunch.

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Military Health Care Update - Open Enrollment

‘Tis the season - open enrollment season, that is.  Open enrollment allows you to make changes to your health care insurance coverage, so it’s a good time to review your options. 2019 is a banner year for this annual exercise: Medicare, TRICARE, and federal dental and vision (FEDVIP) plans are at play.  The Medicare open enrollment period runs from October 15 through December 7.  For those who have Medicare, such as Original Medicare with supplement policies, prescription drug plans, or Medicare Advantage, the period allows you - if you want - to change plans.  A good source of advice for making this decision is the Southern Maine Agency on Aging (www.smaaa.org).  The Agency offers Medicare presentations and individual counseling sessions throughout Cumberland and York counties.  Also, Medicare has a useful web site, www.Medicare.gov.  For those using TRICARE, including the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan, open enrollment runs from November 11 through December 9.  You can switch among the different TRICARE plans.  Go to www.tricare.mil for more information. Generally speaking, if you have TRICARE For Life, there is no compelling reason to do anything, unless you’d like to take a look at the Martin’s Point Medicare Advantage option (see a note about this in the newsletter). If you have FEDVIP, the open season is the same as for TRICARE, November 11 through December 7.  It’s a good idea to review your options because coverage and prices can change from year to year.  For more information, go to www.benefeds.com.  In all of these, the choices you make this fall become effective January 1, 2020. If you don’t want to change any plans you have now, and those plans continue into 2020, you don’t have to do anything.  One final note: for those using TRICARE, prescription drug co-payments will increase in January.

(Col Bill Hall, Secretary)

Induction of New Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Our Chapter By-Laws require us to install the newly elected slate of officers and members of the Board of Directors at our December Quarterly Meeting.  The officers for 2020 elected by our members at the September Quarterly Meeting include:

New Officer Slate for 2020

President:  CDR Richard H. Tetrev, USN      443-6645         oldrepme@comcast.net

1st Vice President: LT(jg) John J. Fay, USN 883-6447         jfay0001@maine.rr.com

2nd Vice President: CDR David A. Patch, USN  633-3659    dapatch@maine.rr.com

Secretary:  LT(jg) John J. Fay, USN              883-6447         jfay0001@maine.rr.com

Treasurer:  LCDR Mark S. Patrick, USN      729-6042         mpatricks@comcast.net

Board of Directors for 2020-2022

LTC K. Scott Berry, USA                               767-0236 berryk419@live.com

LCDR Paul F. Loveless, USN                        725-0946         paul.loveless@comcast.com

Col Douglas J. Scott, USAF/ANG                 222-2225         dscott2@maine.rr.com

Col William E. Hall, USAF                           766-2514         wpeaks@earthlink.net

LTC Brenda M. Pennels, USA                       671-1262  Brenda.Pennels@Martinspoint.org

Board of Directors for 2018-2020 (new additions)

Col Arthur R. Wickham, USA                       799-4115         arthur.wickham@yahoo.com

CW4  Robert D. Jaffin, USA                          850-1009         robertdjaffin@gmail.com

Board of Directors for 2019-2021 (new addition)

Col Michael D. Delia, USAF                         967-4571         mbadelia@roadrunner.com

Please plan to join us for the December Quarterly Meeting at the Maine Military Museum, 50 Peary Terrace, South Portland at 11:30 AM to welcome our newly elected officers and the newest members of the Board of Directors.  The installation ceremony will only take a few minutes as part of our normal business activities.  Then enjoy the informal lunch with beer and wine, coffee and soft drinks.  See the Reservation Form for more information.  (Reservation Form)

Martin's Point Information Seminar

There are a number of major changes coming in 2020 regarding TRICARE for Life and Medicare Advantage programs.  Chapter member LTC Brenda Pennels works at Martin’s Point Health Care and specializes in these programs.  She has arranged a free seminar for Chapter members on Friday, November 15, 2019 from 5:00 - 6:30 at the Martin’s Point Healthcare Scarborough facility on Route One, just south of the Mercedes dealership.  The information session should last about an hour and will offer ample opportunity to ask questions and seek advice.  She can be reached at Brenda.Pennels@martinspoint.org.  She would appreciate members emailing her to make a reservation to ensure they have enough seating for all.  She will also be our featured speaker at our December 7th Quarterly meeting.

2020 Chapter Quarterly Meeting Dates

March 7, 2020

June 6, 2020

September 5, 2020

December 7, 2020

In Memoriam

Captain Charles L. Mull, USN

Brunswick, ME   

September 22, 2019   

"We are grateful for your loyal service to the Nation..."
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