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Southern Maine Chapter Newsletter

January 2018

Vol 34  No. 1


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President’s Page

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As your new president of the Southern Maine Chapter of MOAA, I am honored to be able to serve the military community and membership of our Chapter.  I hope to leverage my experience and passion for service to our country to further the purpose and objectives outlined in our By-Laws.

I don’t know how many of our members have read the By-Laws, so I will take this opportunity to share a portion of Article II – Purpose & Objectives with you to give a clear understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

Section 1.  The purpose of this organization shall be:

            To encourage and facilitate camaraderie among retired, active and former officers of the uniformed services.

            To foster favorable public attitudes toward the uniformed services and their associated professions, institutions and fundamental values.

            To promote allegiance to our system of government under the United States Constitution and to honor the Flag by which it is symbolized.

March Program Announcement

Another year unfolds for the Southern Maine Chapter, MOAA, our 33rd.  Happy New Year to you all!  You will note that this edition is a month later than in previous years.  That’s because we now have a new Quarterly Meeting schedule that calls for gatherings in March, June, September and December of each year.  Our first meeting for calendar year 2017 will be on Saturday, March 3rd at the Woodlands Club in Falmouth.  The reservation form can be found on page 6 of this edition.  We have a delicious lunch buffet planned for the meeting.  If you have never attended one of our Quarterly Meetings, we hope you will make the effort to attend this time. 

We all are aware of the many changes coming as a result of the 2016 election.  Healthcare is certainly one of the items foremost in everyone’s minds lately.  What changes can we expect this year and most likely, in the years to come?  To find out, we have enlisted the help of former Chapter President and long-time Secretary of the Chapter, Col Bill Hall, USAF, Ret., to give us an up front and personal presentation on TRICARE for Life and other healthcare issues that will affect us all.       

Bill received his commission in the US Air Force through ROTC in 1966.  After 3 years in the reserve, he started active duty in 1969.  Bill finished his Air Force career in 1999 at the rank of colonel.  He served as an intelligence officer throughout his career, in various staff and command positions.  He spent almost 18 years in overseas assignments, including Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, and Germany.  His Stateside assignments took him to VA, MD, TX, NB, and CO.  His last duty station was in the Balkans during the Kosovo crisis, where for 2 years he was the U.S. defense attaché at the American embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Now happily retired, Bill is the sales manager for individual health plans, including TRICARE Prime, at Martin’s Point Health Care in Portland.  He is involved with a number of volunteer activities in Portland as well.  He and his wife, Nancy, live on Peaks Island and have three grown children.

Click here a copy of the Reservations Form

Annual Dues Drive

Click on the link below to find a copy of our Annual Dues Letter.  Dues will again be $20.00 for the year.  Auxiliary and Emeritus are not required to pay.  Also, new Members who joined after October 1, 2017 are considered to be paid in full for 2018.  Please fill out the form and return it along with your check as soon as you can so it does not get lost with everything else you might have going on.  Thank you for your continuing support.  http://www.moaasouthernmaine.org/dues.html

(Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair)


Congress and the Defense Health Agency (DFA) teamed up to change TRICARE in ways that decrease the value of the benefit.  That seems odd when a good economy and continued deployments challenge the military’s recruitment and retention.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018 finally passed in December.  TRICARE users must now select a TRICARE plan type – Prime, Select (replacing Prime), or TRICARE For Life (for the Medicare-eligible).  If you have Prime now, you are enrolled automatically into Prime for 2018.  If you have Standard, you’re auto-enrolled into Select.  You may change your plan type, or drop TRICARE altogether, during the year.  Beginning in 2019, plan selection will be limited to a fall open enrollment period.  There are also higher enrollment fees and co-payments.  TRICARE For Life (TFL) doesn’t change, fortunately.  For the “grandfathered,” non-TFL population (retired or serving and having started service before 1 January 2018), the surprise has been the increased copayments for some medical services and for prescription medications.  These prices will rise in proportion to medical cost inflation – setting the stage for a fairly rapid increase in cost.  Congress has allowed DFA to impose these new rates, an action which, in my view, violates the spirit of the 2017 NDAA, the legislation creating the grandfathered category.  Furthermore, Congress authorized the “profit” from higher TRICARE drug prices to pay for continuation of the Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance – an unusual funding provision you almost have to admire for its bizarre creativity.  By the way, TFL users don’t entirely escape the rising costs because, as the most intensive users of pharmaceuticals, they will bear the largest burden from the increases in drug copayments.  (Col Bill Hall, Secretary)

President's Page (Cont)

            To preserve and enhance  the rights, benefits, entitlements and quality of life of personnel of the uniformed services and their families.

            To provide altruistic services and assistance for our members and their families.

            To assist, as appropriate, in the achievements of legislative and other objectives of the national efforts of the Military Officers Association of America.

I am grateful to the officers and directors who have tirelessly kept our Chapter moving toward the above stated purpose for many years.  It is a big effort, and many benefit from those efforts.

I intend to do an audit of what is working, what needs fixing, and where do we go from here.  I invite each and every member to think about those questions and give me your response.  My email address is oldrepme@comcast.net and I would love to hear your response.  I will be asking the same questions of the Board and Chapter officers.  For my part, I commit to you that I will work to serve you to the best of my ability.

Richard H. Tetrev
CDR, USN (Ret.)

Southern Maine Chapter Supporters (2017)

The Chapter is able to continue its annual operations because of the year in and year out support provided by our members through their annual dues.  In many cases, members are able to provide additional assistance through their voluntary contributions to the General Fund and the ROTC/JROTC programs.  In order to appropriately recognize their support and generosity, the Chapter has established four categories of supporters.  The Standard Bearers are those members who have paid their dues for the current year.  Bronze Star members have donated up to $24.00 extra to the Chapter.  Silver Star members have donated up to $49.00 extra.  And, Gold Star members have donated $50.00 or more.  Last year we collected $2400 in dues, $1650 in General Fund donations and $900 in ROTC donations.  Regardless of the level of contribution, the Chapter is sincerely grateful for their continuing support.  Please click on the following link to see a list of our generous supporters:  http://moaasouthernmaine.org/Chapter%20Supporters.html

(Col Rob McAleer, Membership Chair)


I just wanted the members to be aware of the Junior and Senior ROTC programs that we support throughout Maine.  There are a total of 8 Junior Programs and 3 Senior Programs.  I have listed them below broken down by Military Branch. For the programs that we have dates of their awards presentation, they have been listed along with the phone number of the school.  Any member who wishes to represent the Chapter by presenting the award should contact the school.



Bangor High School                207-992-5570              (April 28, 2018)

Hermon High School               207-848-5436              (May 03, 2018)

Nokomis Regional High School  207-368-5239          (April 2018, TBD)

Old Town High School             207-827-3910, ext 309  (March 24, 2018)

Sacopee Valley High School   207-625-2303             (May 23, 2018)


Brewer High School                207-989-4140              (May 23, 2018)

Lewiston High School             207-795-4190, ext 2266  (May 11, 2018)


Massabesic High School        207-247-5011               (May 11, 2018)

Senior ROTC


University of Maine, Orono    207-581-1121

Awards Ceremony (April 2018, TBD)      Commissioning (May 11, 2018)


University of Maine, Orono    207-581-1551 Commissioning  (May 12, 2018)

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine     207-326-2356                               Awards Ceremony (April 10, 2018)        Commissioning  (May 05, 2018)

Presently, we support them by providing annual awards and a gift for deserving cadets in both the JROTC and the Senior ROTC programs. The Chapter also provides a $500 scholarship for the Senior ROTC Detachments, one for the Army program and one each for the two Navy programs.

(COL Frank Toderico, ROTC Chair)


In Memoriam

Colonel Wilbur Philbrook

Dayton, ME

January 9, 2018

1st Lieutenant Hugh Phillips

Porter, ME

December 12, 2017

"We are grateful for your loyal service to the Nation..."
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